Earthing Does Not Expose Us To Dirty Electricity

Shop Earthing.comAre you thinking about trying EARTHING but you’ve found some CONFLICTING information about the practice of GROUNDING yourself, making you wonder whether it’s bad or good for you?

Here, we’re going to answer the question about whether or not Earthing exposes us to DIRTY electricity, and clear up some of the confusion around the subject.

So What Is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty Electricity is an Electromagnetic Frequency that’s different than the 60 hertz Frequency emitted by the wiring in most homes of the United States.  Something called transients, which are short duration surges or spikes in an electrical circuit, are a contributing source to dirty electricity.

These surges can originate from many appliances, including computer hard drives, washers and dryers, air conditioners and some types of lighting.

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As quoted from Understanding Earthing (Grounding), “The wiring in homes and buildings and the power distribution system acts as an antenna that can transmit and receive both natural and man-made electromagnetic fields.

When these transients occur in our homes, or even in a neighbor’s home, the electrical wiring, acting like an antenna sends the frequency out into the local environment.  That’s dirty electricity.

One good thing about GROUNDING ourselves is it does DECREASE or even ELIMINATE our exposure to many of these frequencies.  This means, not only does Earthing NOT expose you to Electromagnetic pollution, it helps to decrease your exposure to it.  So….

Who Says Earthing Exposes Us To Dirty Electricity?

Some people believe we can get exposed to dirty electricity as a result of Earthing.  Part of the reason people believe this is due to incorrect information circulating on the internet.  There is one website where it’s been reported…

“Today, the earth’s surface has a higher conductivity then the utility’s overburdened neutral return wire, so now it’s estimated that as much as 70 to 80% of returning current travels back along the earth’s surface in what’s known as the “skin-effect.”

The above statement is INCORRECT and there are other statements on the same website which describe the power companies using the grounding system to channel this electricity back to transformers, which is not even permitted by the Electrical Code.

Statements like the one above have led people to believe, when they ground themselves they might be picking up Electrical current that’s been channeled into the Earth or grounding system of a building.  This is not correct and Electrical currents don’t travel along the Earth’s surface at all.  In the document Understanding Earthing (Grounding) it has been explained, “The Electrical Code forbids the use of the Earth as a conductive pathway for this purpose.”  It is further explained, “Instead, the Code requires an arrangement such that the current produced by a short circuit of any kind (called a fault) is conducted back to the source of the current, so that it can trip a circuit breaker or blow a fuse to prevent injury to people or damage appliances.

In an experiment conducted by some German researchers, it was concluded that Earthing increased the Electromagnetic field strength above the grounded person’s body.  This experiment turned out to be completely INVALID, as the person in the experiment was not connected to an Earthing device at all.

The researchers had placed an Earthing pad below a mattress the person was lying on and then measured the field above the person’s body.  The subject had no contact with the Earthing pad at all so they were NOT grounded.  It’s necessary to have bare skin contact with the Earth or a grounded Earthing product in order to benefit from Earthing.  It seems these researchers didn’t understand Earthing at all.

The research written about above has inspired forums which are based on the COMPLETELY INVALID conclusions about Earthing.  This is another part of the reason some people have become confused about whether or not Earthing has health benefits.

You can use a Voltmeter yourself to see voltage on your body before and after grounding yourself.  Watch the video below to see Earthing work, as demonstrated with a voltmeter.

Now you know, Earthing not only does NOT expose you to Electromagnetic pollution, it helps to decrease your exposure to it.  What’s more important is how Earthing benefits you by flooding your body with free electrons from the Earth the moment you make contact with it.  You can learn more about that by reading Benefits Of Earthing YourselfAdditional benefits of Earthing are listed on the Earthing Sheets Page.

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