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Earthing Products For Your Health

Shop Earthing.comIf you’ve been looking for and easy way to improve you health, Earthing products are going to be one of your favorite things.

Maybe you already know all about Earthing and you are just looking for the real earthing devices; The ones created by the company that founded Earthing.  If that is your case..

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Have you just heard about Earthing and want to know a little more about it? is all about Earthing and Earthing products.  There are a number of articles and videos on this site to fill you in on all of the details about Earthing.

Many of the known benefits of Earthing are listed on this page.  You’ll also find a list of earthing products available at this time.

Earthing Product Education

Earthing is the practice of grounding yourself by being in direct contact with the earth; Direct, meaning your bare skin is touching it. Clint Ober discovered a number of health benefits are available to the person touching the earth like this.

The earth’s surface has a subtle electrical charge.  This charge brings free electrons into the body; and the electrons have a healing effect on the body.  To get these healing benefits, all you have to do is go barefoot outside.

This is where earthing products come in handy; They allow you to be grounded while you’re indoors.  The longer you’re grounded the greater the benefits.  You can sleep and, in some cases, work grounded using earthing products, allowing you to benefit for extended periods of time.

You can listen to Clint Ober’s book called Earthing free, right now.  The audio of the book explains Earthing in a way that’s easy to understand.  Once you’ve listened to it, you’ll understand the genius of this discovery and how it will benefit you.

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Some of the earthing products are:

Earthing Sheets (Grounding Sheets)  These are my first recommendation, as they allow you to be grounded all night long.  Improving your health doesn’t get any easier than this.

An Earthing Recovery Bag  You can zip yourself up in this like a sleeping bag.  Find out why Tour de France athletes have used them.

Earthing Mattress (Not available online at this time!)

Earthing Shoes

Earthing Mats

Earthing Bed Pad

Earthing Throw

Earthing Body Bands

The earthing products above are linked to pages that tell you exactly what they are.  Just click on them to learn more.

How Can Earthing Products Benefit You?

People who use earthing products report a number of benefits.  It’s not just in their minds either.  A number of studies demonstrate significant physiological changes take place when a person is grounded.

The free electrons your body gets from the earth as a result of using earthing products, or standing barefoot on the earth, act like antioxidants.

Some of the benefits a person might experience as a result of earthing themselves are as follows:

  • Faster Recovery From Exercise
  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Blood Pressure
  • Less Pain
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Feel Better In General

Many people with crippling arthritis have reported being able to function more normally again after using earthing products.  The earthing benefits are real.  You can experience them for yourself.

If you want to benefit from earthing, get barefoot outside whenever the conditions allow for it; I also recommend grounding sheets (earthing sheets) for the most benefits with the least effort.

Want to learn more about Earthing products?

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