Rolling Out The New Earthing Mattress

Sorry To Be The Bearer Of Bad News, BUT… The Earthing Bed is no longer available.  You can still get other Earthing products through the links on this site.

You may have heard it was coming, and now the Earthing Mattress is finally here.  This Earthing Sleep system is on the cutting edge of quality and science, and that’s not hype.

It’s true, the Earthing bed is not cheap; If you’re ready to start Earthing indoors and don’t want to spend much, you might want to get an Earthing bed pad, or a starter kit, which includes a bed pad and an earthing mat.  You WON’T be able to purchase the Earthing Bed online at this time anyway, as there is not enough supply to meet online demand.  You’ll have to visit the Earthing Sleep and Wellness Center in California if you want to get an Earthing Mattress.

If you’re ready to go all the way with your sleeping experience, an Earthing mattress is something very special if your lucky enough to figure out how you can get your hands on one.

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What’s Special About An Earthing Bed?

The best thing about the Earthing mattress, is that it gives you the benefits of grounding, all night long while you sleep.

Many tests have been conducted, since 1998, revealing a number of benefits associated with Earthing.  The Earth’s surface is like a huge reservoir of healing energy.  As New Agey as it sounds, it’s really true.

When we touch the surface of the earth with our bare skin, we instantly change our physiology, as we receive all of the free electrons our bodies can use.  These electrons aid our bodies in reducing chronic inflammation, which is at the core of many diseases.

The reality of how Earthing benefits us has been revealed through thousands of testimonials and the results of a lot of research, including double blind studies.  Some of benefits people have reported are:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Faster recovery from exercise
  • The normalizing of cortisol levels
  • Diminished or complete relief of pain
  • Feeling better overall
  • Better circulation

There’s a lot more about the details of how Earthing works on this website.  Read Reducing Inflammation The Easy Way to get a more in depth understanding; or listen here to a copy of the Earthing book in audio format. Update: The free audio of Earthing is no longer available.

The Earthing bed conducts the earth’s healing energy to you through an organic cotton cover with fine silver wire threaded through it.  In addition to the benefits of Earthing, this mattress delivers, you’ll be sleeping on cutting edge comfort.

The earthing bed is made with 5 different layers of foam, including memory foam and high density foam.  This unique foam prohibits sagging and provides support to your body.

In addition, the foam used in the earthing bed is certified by CetriPur-US foam, which meets standards, better for your health and the environment.  They are certified for low emissions of VOC’s, and being made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, formaldehyde and prohibited phthalates.

Your Earthing bed comes in just about every size you might want.  Each size also comes with the additional option of a 10 or 12 inch thickness.

Earthing Mattress Size Choices

  • California King
  • King
  • Queen
  • Full
  • Twin

The Earthing mattress is an innovation that’s sure to take Earthing to the next level.  As it’s stated in the Earthing book, Earthing is expected to bring about a whole new range of ideas to make Earthing practical for everyone, for longer periods of time.

You’ll probably need to go to the shop in Yucca Valley, California to get an Earthing Bed at this time, but if you’re looking for any another Earthing Product you’ll find what you’re looking for at the link below.

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