Earthing Sunflowers Indoors Makes Them Live Longer

To begin, it’s important to understand that sunflowers in the ground are already receiving the benefits of earthing.

Earthing is the natural state of being in contact with the earth.  Most life on earth is naturally connected to the ground; and those life forms receive healing energy from the earth’s electric field.

It’s humans, that have mostly lost contact with the earth, through wearing insulated shoes and/or being insulated from the ground indoors.  Read more about what Earthing is here.

In a recent experiment executed by Dr. Gary Schwartz, PhD, the reality of earthing is revealed through an experiment done on sunflowers.  At the University of Arizona Dr. Schwartz has been Earthing plants, and his simple test on sunflowers has pretty strong implications.

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In his earthing experiment, Dr. Schwartz uses four freshly picked sunflowers, all coming from the same place and picked at the same time.  He places those four sunflowers in vases all containing water from the same source.

Each of the vases has a grounding rod placed inside with a wire connecting it to the grounding port of an electrical outlet.  The grounding port is the 3rd prong of the electrical outlet, and it is connected directly to the earth, through wires, usually connected to a large grounding rod, built into the foundation of the house.

In this earthing experiment two different grounding ports were used, and one was grounded, while the other was not.

Two of the wires coming from the vases containing the sunflowers were connected to the real ground port, while the other two were connected to the false ground port;  The person plugging the wires into the ground ports was unaware of which one was grounded.

After seven days, the results revealed by this earthing experiment were quite profound.  Two of the sunflowers were drooping and dead, while the other two looked almost exactly the same as they did the day they were placed in the water.

Can you guess which sunflowers were still alive?  It turns out the sunflowers receiving the earthing were the ones still vibrant and alive.

It was also noted, the water of the ungrounded sunflowers turned murky while the water of the grounded sunflowers remained as clear and clean looking as the day the vases were filled.

The grounded sunflowers also lived an additional ten days after the ungrounded ones had died.

The fact that the grounded sunflowers in the earthing experiment lived longer, shows how the energy of the earth can be conducted to us.  It’s these kinds of experiments that allow us to see a reality that might be hard to imagine without them.

What’s really cool about this experiment is it shows not only that Earthing works, but it makes a difference.  There are many documented benefits of earthing, and it’s as easy as going barefoot on the earth to start reaping these benefits for yourself.

The reality that we can conduct the earth’s healing energy to ourselves indoors, has opened up a whole new reality for us.  Now we can use Earthing technology to be grounded for longer periods of time, allowing us to maximize the benefits of earthing.

You can use grounding sheets, also knows as earthing sheets, to ground yourself all night long while you sleep.

A earthing mat allows you to ground yourself while while sitting at your computer, like I’m doing right now; It also has a number of other practical indoor uses.

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