Doctors Get The Earthing Message Out

Shop Earthing.comWhat is Earthing?  Recently, more doctors have been involved in letting people know what Earthing is, and why you might like to make Earthing part of your everyday life.

In case you don’t already know, Earthing is the practice of getting grounded; and in a physical sense.  It’s about getting your bare skin in contact with the Earth.

Why are people, including informed Doctors, so excited about spreading the word about Earthing?  Recently Doctor Christy Weston spoke about Earthing, with great enthusiasm, at the Women’s wellness conference.  What she had to say will help you to understand what all the excitement about Earthing is.

The analogy she used to describe the importance of Earthing went something like this.  You know how we all need the Sun and it helps our bodies to manufacture Vitamin D.  Well, we also need contact with the Earth to get Vitamin G.  Vitamin G for Grounding.

Of course Vitamin G is not a real vitamin, but Earthing does give us something profoundly beneficial to our health, and it’s implications have opened up a whole new paradigm for pain relief and healing.

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When we practice Earthing our bodies immediately get charged with electrons from the Earth.  These electrons diffuse static electricity in our bodies and neutralize free radicals.

Dr. Christy Westen went on to tell people about how Earthing reduces pain and inflammation in the body.  If you know anything about disease, you know that almost every disease is associated with chronic inflammation.

Dr. Christy spoke about an Earthing study involving 12 people who were grounded while they slept at night.  The study revealed that sleeping grounded at night normalizes cortisol levels.

Cortisol, when normal, is at it’s lowest levels at night and it’s highest around sunrise.  When it rises it helps us to wake up.  It’s obviously not good to have high cortisol during the night, as sleep would be more restless, at best.

This is probably the reason, most people who sleep on grounded Earthing sheets report improved sleep quality.

Dr. Christy also revealed an Earthing experiment on sunflowers to help give people a clear picture of the power of Earthing.  You can click on the link above to read about it.

Dr. Christy is not the only doctor excited about Earthing.  There may be many doctors spreading the word, and some have made it in to the spotlight.

Recently Dr. Joseph Mercola D.O., who has a huge online audience, went on the Dr. Oz show to speak about Earthing.  He’s been sleeping grounded for seven years and has noticed big changes as a result.

He confirms what others have stated about the power of Earthing, related to the electrons on the surface of the Earth, and their ability to neutralize free radicals in a person who’s grounded.

Dr. Mercola also spoke about the ability of Earthing to thin the blood to the point that those on blood thinning medications have to reduce the dosage.

Dr. Oz hadn’t experienced Earthing, at the time of the show, and wasn’t endorsing it himself.  He did seem very open to the science of Earthing and I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear more about it from him in the future.

Dr. Mercola Speaks About Earthing On The Dr. Oz Show

Update: The video of Dr. Mercola speaking about Earthing has been removed from Youtube, so it’s no longer displayed here.

So far you’ve read about 2 doctors that endorse Earthing; Dr. Christy Westen, who studied Epigenetics, and Dr. Joseph Mercola.  Well.. It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t mention the Cardiologist who’s helped in pioneering Earthing.

Dr. Steven Sinatra is 1 of the 3 authors of the book Earthing.  Clint Ober discovered Earthing and Steven Sinatra has been helping Clint spread the message by giving credence to how Earthing benefits health.

Dr. Steven Sinatra says that we are full of stress in all kinds of forms.  The stress increases the amount of circulating hormones in our bodes, like cortisol and adrenaline; and our sympathetic nervous systems get out of balance.  Grounding brings us back into balance, Claims Dr. Sinatra.

He also goes on to inform us that Earthing improves heart rate variability, increases ATP production and makes our blood thinner.  Dr. Sinatra has spoken and written about how thinner blood leads to increased blood flow, which means better circulation and less chance of blood clots.

It’s not the Doctors who make Earthing so great, but it’s nice to see something as natural as Earthing being promoted by them.

I’m sure you’ll see more doctors jumping on the band wagon as more science supports the findings we know about already.  You may want to experience the benefits of Earthing at night while you sleep.

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