Earthing Elite Pillow Cover Kit

The Earthing Elite® Pillow Cover is designed to allow you to sleep while grounded to the earth’s natural electricity. It fits over your regular-sized pillow and is made from a proprietary conductive material that has been developed over the course of two decades of research and development. Click here to get yours.

It is easy to clean, durable, and 100% conductive. To use it, simply connect it to a grounded wall outlet and slip it over your pillow. The Earthing Elite Pillow Cover comes in both standard and king sizes, and includes a coil cord, a U.S. safety adapter, and a U.S. outlet checker.

The Earthing Elite Pillow Cover has two sides: a smooth side that you can sleep on directly for optimal grounding, and a perforated side that allows air to circulate and prevents uncomfortable air bubbles.

You can also use a thin cotton or natural fiber pillowcase over the cover, although skin contact is recommended for the best grounding experience. The cover is made from a softer and thinner material than previous versions, making it more comfortable and less likely to trap heat against your skin.

It is also hypoallergenic and helps to combat allergens in your bedding. The Earthing Elite Pillow Cover comes with a one year warranty and is made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, including a polyurethane infused with conductive carbon that is free from vinyl, latex, and phthalates.

Carbon, the second most abundant element in the human body, is what allows the cover to conduct the earth’s electrons and makes it naturally flame resistant without the use of harsh chemicals.

You can purchase an Earthing Pillow Case in a 1 or 2 pack.

Shop for yours now. Just Click here to Order.


Just for Fun!

I went back in time, and asked Shakespeare what he thought about Earthing, and here’s what he said!

“Ah, the ancient art of Earthing! ‘Tis a practice as old as the earth itself, and one that has been prized by sages and healers throughout the ages.

To Earthing, one must first connect with the very soil beneath their feet. By standing barefoot upon the earth, one can draw forth the energy and vitality of the natural world, infusing their being with the healing power of Mother Nature.

But Earthing is not simply a matter of standing barefoot on the ground. Nay, it requires a deeper connection, a sense of oneness with the earth and all that dwells upon it. It is a practice of mindfulness, of being present in the moment, and of allowing the earth’s energy to flow through one’s being.

Through the practice of Earthing, one can find balance and harmony within themselves, as well as a renewed sense of vitality and wellness. So go forth, dear reader, and seek out the ancient art of Earthing, for it is a practice that can bring great benefits to both body and soul.”

If you want to know how I spoke to Shakespeare, leave a comment below and I’ll share my secret.

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