What is Earthing?

Shop Earthing.comYou wanted to know what Earthing is, and many others like you are asking the same question.

It wasn’t long ago, Earthing got a little attention from PBS, so I’ve embedded a video here on the site to help you gain a little better understanding of what Earthing is, who’s behind the Earthing movement and how Earthing might benefit you.

You can also read below the video to get a good idea of what you’ll learn.

Watch The PBS Earthing Preview Below.

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Clint Ober, the creator of Earthing products, speaks about electrical energy and how it relates to us.  He gives the example of how our muscles, hearts and brains are electrical first and chemical second.

Earthing is the state of being physically connected to the Earth; and as Clint points out, “When we are standing on the Earth we feel better because our bodies are electrically stable.”

What’s so significant about this is, in our modern lives we are almost all disconnected from the Earth, almost all of the time.  This disconnect from “Earth’s Energy” is likely part of the reason, people suffer from so many diseases.

Clint Ober has funded 12 studies up to this point, to see what the health benefits of Earthing are for people who practice it.  Some of those benefits are:

  • Reducing stress.
  • Reducing pain.
  • Reducing inflammation.
  • Enhancing circulation by thinning the blood.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Increased vitality.

In the Earthing segment on PBS, Clint demonstrates how Earthing products connect into the ground port of your electrical outlet.  He compares sleeping grounded to sleeping outside on the grass, as far as our electrical bodies are concerned.

Being connected to the Earth is as simple as being bare foot on the grass, or other Earth surfaces outdoors.  To sleep grounded you can use an Grounding Sheet.  Other devices like a universal mat (Earthing Mat), allow you to be grounded while sitting at the computer, for example.

You’ll also get to see a few Earthing testimonials in this PBS preview.  One of the hosts of the program tells how both He and his wife seem to have a deeper and more rejuvenating sleep, as a result of sleeping on an Earthing sheet.

I hope this answers your question, “What is Earthing?”  Please refer to the many articles on this site to get an even better understanding of how Earthing works and what it can do for you.

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