How long Will Earthing Sheets Last?

This post is the beginning of an official questions answered section, which is beginning on the likely subject of Earthing Sheets and other Questions related to Grounding For Health.

I received questions recently on the subject of Grounding sheets and Earthing mats.

The information in the emails was something I thought it would help to share.  There will also be moderated comments section on this subject starting now, with actual comments.

I’m changing the names of the people I write about here, in case they would like me to do that.

The question is, “How long will Earthing sheets last?”  The following is the beginning email communication, including the answers up to this point.


Marcus’s Original Earthing Communication


I’m most interested in improving my sleep as I live in a high-rise apartment on the 30th floor – far away from the earth, as you can see.

I do not want to risk buying the fitted sheet as I don’t know if it will be comfortable, quality, match my current sheets or, most importantly, if it will be breathable to my satisfaction – even if I were to put my own fitted sheet over it.
If I were to purchase the Half Bed Pad, would I be able to ‘feel’ it under me as I sleep – both laid across the bed or at my feet.  I would not orient it vertically as that would limit my sleeping ‘geography’.
If I went with the Mat @ $59, would I be able to sleep with that?
I would find it very helpful if this website included photos of the products in various uses and configurations – it would answer a lot of the questions contained in this email.
On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 2:32 PM, <> wrote:
Hello Marcus,
Thanks for your email.  In regards to getting some photos to help people understand how Earthing products can be used, it’s a good suggestion.  I’ll work on getting some up; hopefully soon.
As far as the comfort of the sheets are concerned, I understand, you’re not sure what you are getting into.
The Earthing sheets are made from 100% cotton with silver wire threaded in.  You can see the silver threads but they are comfortable.  They don’t make the fabric feel like metal.
The Half Bed Pad (Half Sheet Kit) is a good option, but you don’t want to sleep with it under your fitted sheet.  You need to have some part of your bare skin in contact with the Earthing sheet to get the benefit.
It doesn’t have to be a large portion of your body, but your skin does need contact with the sheet to completely ground you.
As far a sleeping on the mat is concerned, you can do that.  You will notice it’s there when you are sleeping on it, but it’s worth it.  I use a mat when I’m sleeping away from my home to sleep on, and it helps.
You probably won’t notice the half sheet material, when you are sleeping on it; It shouldn’t feel to different than your normal sheets, but if you are very sensitive to what you sleep on you may notice the different texture.
I hope this helps.  Let me know if I can help out with anything else Marcus.
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Best Regards,


Marcus Replies

Thank you for your response.

I like the idea of the bed pad/sheet but I’ve read online they only last for a few months. Please feel free to add a comment re this.
Also, the mat seems like the best and most versatile/durable option, however, you must lie directly on top of it/uncovered or covered to receive benefits – and as it is small I’m thinking it could get lost and tossed around in a queen size bed.
So, I’m not yet decided which would be the best option for me.

Response To Marcus About How Long An Earthing Sheet Will Last

Hello Marcus,

I’m not sure where you heard that a bed pad (Earthing half sheet) would only last for a few months, but I can give you the official information.

The sheet should work well for about 3 years, if you follow the simple care instructions.  This comes down to not washing the sheet in bleach or detergent with bleach, as that oxidizes the silver in the sheets and causes them to lose their conductivity.

The next thing is fabric softener.  Do not use it at all on any Earthing sheets.

In addition, you don’t want to put any oils or lotions on your skin, on places that might contact the sheet, close to the time of laying on them.  This can create a film on the silver making it less conductive.

If a person follows these instructions, your sheets should last for about 3 years.

The mat is another story.  It’s best to have a cover on it if you are going to sleep with it.  True what you said, it can move around, but I haven’t found that to be an issue.  Depends on what kind of a sleeper you are to some degree.

For me I’m aware that it is giving me the benefits, and I believe it makes a big difference.  Instead of having the Earthing mat get lost in the bed, it becomes the focus of where to sleep.  Kind of like a leg pillow or something that feels cozy.

I’ll post this information on Earthing Sheets and More Marcus, and I’ll allow moderated comments on this subject to be published on the Earthing Sheets site so people will have easy access to this information.  You can add to it if you like.

Hope this helps Marcus.  Please let me know if their is anything else I can help out with.

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Sye Rodriguez

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  1. Hi,

    I have been distributing the Earthing products since October last year and can confirm that the sheets will last a lot longer that a few months. I have generally been washing the universal bed pad every ten days. And it is still very comfortable and conductive (I’ve measured it). I am sure that if the washing instructions, as mentioned above, are followed, the fabric will be efficient several years.

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