What Is An Earthing Throw?

In case you are not familiar with Earthing, you can learn all about it at here at Earthing Sheets and More.  In our opinion, it’s one of the best things you can do to improve your health, and it’s absolutely essential for optimal health.

An Earthing Throw is one of the newer Earthing products, that’s meant to ground you to the Earth, so you can reap the benefits of being connected to the Earth’s healing energy.

A throw is basically a medium sized blanket.  In the case of the Earthing throw, it’s dimensions are 3 feet 4 inches by 5 feet 5 inches.

It has a conductive side and a non conductive side.  The conductive side is made from 100% organic cotton, with fine silver threads woven into it.  This is the side you’ll want to get your bare skin in contact with, as the silver makes it conductive.

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The non conductive side of the Earthing throw is a soft polyester material that resembles suede.

To make sure your getting grounded with your throw, first identify the conductive cotton side.  It has the word Earthing on it, and you’ll be able to see the parallel rows of silver threads stitched into it.

How Can An Earthing Throw Be Used

The throw can be snuggled up to or wrapped around you while you’re using the computer or reading a book, for example.  Anytime your lounging around the house and want to get grounded it’s perfect.

You can also sleep on your Earthing throw.  It’s not going to cover your whole bed, but it’s big enough to cover a large area of it.  2 people can easily sleep on it and get the benefits of Earthing all night long.

To sleep on your throw, lay it across your bed, on top of your fitted sheet, with the conductive side facing up.  You’ll lie on top of it, for best results.  You’ll want to make sure some part of your bare skin is in contact with it to be grounded.

You can learn about grounding sheets HERE, if you’re wanting the ideal product for sleeping grounded.

The Earthing Throw Kit comes with a 15 foot Earthing cord, which snaps to the throw, and plugs into any of the grounding ports of your electrical outlets.  You can also plug it into the cord of a grounding rod, but that will need to be purchased separately.

An outlet checker also comes with your Earthing throw so you can make sure your outlets are properly grounded.  Other items included in the kit are a complimentary copy of the Earthing book and an Earthing product user’s guide.

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