Transform Your Blood By Earthing Yourself

Shop Earthing.comYou may be familiar with Earthing, and if you are, you may know something about the effects Earthing has on your blood.

Recently, a study has confirmed significant changes do take place in your blood when you ground yourself; and the results indicate, those changes might be good for your Cardiovascular system.

The study, Earthing (Grounding) the Human Body Reduces Blood Viscosity–a Major Factor in Cardiovascular Disease, will be published in The Journal Of Alternative And Complementary Medicine.

The study confirmed what was already believed to be true; Earthing increases the zeta potential of the red blood cells, and as a result, causes larger clusters of red blood cells to break down (break apart).  So what does that mean for people who practice Earthing (grounding) themselves?

The word is out, that Grounding may be a profound way to reduce risks related to cardiovascular health; It’s all about your blood viscosity.

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Blood viscosity is related to how easily your blood flows, or doesn’t flow.  If your blood viscosity increases, your blood does not flow so good.  When your blood viscosity is reduced, your blood is able to flow more freely.

The Earthing study on blood viscosity showed that grounding yourself reduces blood viscosity.  It does this, as stated above, by increasing the zeta potential of your red blood cells.

What is zeta potential?

Although Zeta potential is much more complex, the most simple way to define it is as a surface charge, or electric charge, of a cell.  What this charge does can be compared to how magnets work.

You know how magnets can attract or repel each other, based on which sides of the magnet are facing each other?  Red blood cells have the same negative surface charge as each other, and this causes them to repel each other, just like the same poles of magnets do.

When zeta potential is increased in red blood cells, as Earthing does, the cells are more efficient at repelling each other.  Earthing for 2 hours increased the zeta potential of the red blood cells by an average of 2.7, which turns out to be very significant.

This increased surface charge is what’s responsible for breaking the larger clusters of red blood cells into more single cells, or smaller clusters of red blood cells.  This change effectively reduces blood viscosity.

Researchers have compared enough data from different studies, to reveal a clear connection between higher blood viscosity levels and incidents which can damage the heart muscle called cardiovascular events.

Reducing your blood viscosity turns out to be as simple as getting your bare feet on the Earth; And you’ll enjoy other benefits of Earthing as a result.  Pretty simple right?  It surely beats taking Statin medications, which appear to bring blood viscosity under control, but can have extreme side effects.

Want to benefit from Earthing in a way that’s very convenient and can be done indoors?

Sleeping on one of the styles of Grounding sheets makes it possible for you to stay grounded all night long.  There are other Earthing products available as well.  People begin to experience physiological changes the second they connect their bare skin to the Earth, but some of the more therapeutic benefits of Earthing require you to be grounded for a little longer.

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