Can Earthing Lower High Blood Pressure?

Shop Earthing.comIf you or someone you know has high blood pressure, Earthing may be something you’ll want to know about and start practicing.

What is Earthing and how might it improve your blood pressure?  Earthing is the practice of getting your body in direct contact with the earth.  Surfaces like sand, grass, dirt and even concrete can conduct the Earth’s energy to you.

As you may have learned, the surface of the Earth can be likened to a giant battery.  Below and on the Earth’s surface is a supply of electrons that you can draw from, if only you touch it with your bare skin.

Those electrons fill your body and catalyze a chain of reactions that result in a number of benefits to you.  That’s Earthing.

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The body of Earthing research is growing, and one of it’s leading proponents has suggested this simple act as a natural way to reduce blood pressure.  Dr. Sinatra, who co-authored the book Earthing, is also a cardiologist.

When speaking about Earthing, Dr. Sinatra goes over the importance of health related to blood viscosity.  According to Wikipedia, an everyday way to understand viscosity is by thinking in terms of a fluids thickness.  Water is a low viscosity fluid and honey has high viscosity.

Dr. Sinatra informs us that hyperviscosity of the blood is overlooked as a cause of high blood pressure, among other health concerns.  “I tell patients that their blood should flow like red wine – smoothly and easily.  But for too man of them, and possibly you, their blood is thick like ketchup,” he says.

This is where Earthing comes to the rescue.  The free electrons from the Earth’s surface charge the red blood cells and causes them to repel each other; It breaks them apart and your blood becomes thinner (has a lower viscosity).

Dr. Sinatra tells us this natural thinning of the blood reduces blood pressure.  He even advises those on blood thinning medications to have their doctors monitor them closely, as they begin Earthing, in case there is a need to reduce or discontinue using those medications.

According to the Earthing Institute, more research needs to be done in order to establish a direct connection between the practice of Earthing and lower blood pressure.  This being stated, many people report significant drops in blood pressure as a result of Earthing themselves.

In addition to changing blood viscosity, There are a number of things Earthing does do that could be responsible for the changes in blood pressure reported by those giving their testimonials.

Now you know there’s something completely natural you can do that may reduce your blood pressure.

Be informed, Earthing hasn’t been successful in lowering blood pressure in everyone who has tried it.  Some people have been unable to bring their blood pressure down, even though they spend a lot of time grounded.

What’s good is, even if Earthing doesn’t bring your blood pressure down, you may experience a number of side effects as a result; And they’re all good.

You may want to try Earthing yourself indoors for convenience and making it easy to do for longer periods of time.  There are a number of sizes of Earthing sheets and other Earthing devices you can use.

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