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Shop Earthing.comYou may be thinking about trying an Earthing product but you want to know if grounding yourself really makes a big difference.

You are not alone in your skepticism.  When I first learned about Earthing I wasn’t completely convinced it was all I had read it was.

My Aunt and Uncle had even bigger reservations about Earthing, but they feel much different now.

They started using an Earthing half sheet, formerly known as the bed pad, a couple of months ago.  I recently did a video interview with them and I’ve posted it on this page for you to see.

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What Jim and Carol Helbling have to say about Earthing is pretty amazing.  My family and I have been sleeping grounded since 2010 and I know it’s benefited us, but their story is more typical of what someone with pain and inflammation might experience.

More than 2 years ago, I excitedly told my Uncle and Aunt about Earthing.  They were nice enough to listen, but I’m sure it sounded a little far fetched that something as simple as being in contact with the Earth could really have any consequence.

It took them a long time to warm up to the idea of even trying it, but sleeping on an Earthing Sheet for only 2 nights made enough difference, to my Uncle Jim especially, that they called me up and said they needed to meet with me.

When they walked in the door I could see a glow on my Uncle’s face.  He appeared to be feeling pretty good.  After the greetings they began to share their Earthing story.

My Aunt’s experience was more subtle; Less stiffness in the body when she woke up, and little aches and pains were diminished.  My Uncle Jim’s experience with Earthing has been the kind that makes other people believers in what it can do.

Jim has worked as a carpenter and builder for a long time.  He is very tall so it’s a long way to reach all the way to the floor.  His arms have been kind of stiff for a while and he’s had trouble straightening them out.

One of the first things he did when he started telling us about his experience, was to bend down and touch the floor and stand back up.  “It’s no problem to bend down now,” he said.

He revealed how it was very difficult to bend over before and now it was no problem.  He could also extend his arms further and there was not as much pain in his arms or hands as before.

One of the most significant noticeable changes was something other people told him about.  He was standing up straighter.  My Aunt Carol and one of his friends both noticed it enough to tell him about it.

Another benefit, my Uncle Jim attributes specifically to sleeping on their grounding sheet, is the lower back pain he had, being reduced to a fraction of what it was before.

He had been taking Ibuprofen several times a day and he hasn’t had to take it at all since he started sleeping grounded.

You can hear Jim and Carol Helbling’s full story for yourself in the video on this page.  Their testimonial is genuine and very revealing of what Earthing can do for people.

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