Earthing Backed By Science

Did you know Earthing is backed by real science? If someone told you otherwise you’ll probably be able to relate to my experience.

Whatever the reason you’ve found yourself on this page. I want to share a story with you about an experience I had today with a friend, who didn’t believe physically Grounding yourself makes a difference.

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Update: The free audio about Earthing I originally linked to above is no longer available.


My Recent Earthing Science Confrontation

I was at the health food store today after work, picking up some good foods for my family.  When I walked out the door I saw a friend and was happy to see him.

Hey Dave, I said. He responded, Hi, and said something along the lines of I’m surprised about you. The tone of his voice was a little strange, so I thought for a minute and remembered about our last encounter.

I’d last seen Dave at some hot springs and had given him a card about my Grounding website. I was excited about Earthing and thought he would find it very cool.

Are you surprised about the Earthing Sheets, I asked Dave. “Yes,” he said! Did you think they were pretty cool, I asked?

This is where my surprise came.

“I’m surprised at you!,” said Dave. “You, of all people, are promoting fear, making people believe they need something they don’t need.”

I was almost in disbelief, as I respect Dave and thought he would be really excited about Earthing; I definitely didn’t think he’d think Earthing didn’t do anything.

I inquired further and Dave began to go off about how you don’t need anything to ground you. “You just need Qigong,” he said, “You need to learn how to do the work internally.”

This is when I knew Dave must have misunderstood what earthing was about. I asked him why he thought being barefoot on the earth was not a good thing; After all that’s what earthing is about; Getting reconnected to the earth, in a way that is scientifically proven to make a difference in your physiology.

He let me know he didn’t have anything against being barefoot, to which I replied, that was all someone had to do to be truly grounded. This is when his deeper feelings were expressed.

“Your trying to make people believe they need to buy something to be grounded, when they can do the work internally. I can be on the top of a building with my shoes on and be grounded,” said Dave.

It was the idea of buying earthing products to benefit health that Dave was irritated by; and he truly believed he could be grounded without being in contact with the Earth.

This is no surprise. Grounding in the sense of being in tune with your self or having a grounding practice, such as yoga or meditation, is different than the type of grounding Earthing refers to.

Earthing is about getting in touch with the ground in a way that changes the voltage on your body. You can read all about it on this website, or by reading Earthing or listening to the audio of Earthing.

I asked Dave if he had watched any of the videos at Earthing Sheets. He said he hadn’t; that he quit reading on the site as soon as he saw I was promoting earthing products.

The reason I asked Dave if he had seen any of the videos on the site, is because I have some videos, in which I have demonstrated Earthing with a voltmeter test. You can watch them at the links Earthing Sheet and Grounding Mat.

I’m pretty sure you won’t think Earthing does nothing after you’ve seen the videos. Dave has faith, that a person can be grounded to the potential of the earth, even if they are not physically touching it.

Have you ever seen anyone not be affected by touching electrical wires with voltage running through them? That’s the question I asked Dave next. I already new the answer, and I’m sure it’s the same as yours.

The point here is, we can believe something to be true, all we want, but it doesn’t change the facts about the reality of what is true. That’s where science comes in.

In Dave’s defense, I think it’s good that he doesn’t want to limit human potential, and Earthing, without touching the earth, may be possible for us, although, science will show you, Earthing makes a difference for the majority (at the very least) of us humans.

If you are physically in touch with the earth, or an earthing product which is properly grounded, the voltage on your body will change, whether you believe it or not; and with that voltage change comes the many benefits of Earthing.

You don’t have to take my word, this is no Earthing Scam. You can get a voltmeter and perform the same test, I and many others have performed.  You can definitely verify what your reading here is true.

Dave has agreed to do a voltmeter test with me at some point. We agreed he will see if he can bring himself to the earth’s potential, without being in direct contact with the earth or an earthing product. We’ll use a voltmeter to make sure we get a scientific verification.

Dave and I are on good terms in spite of the fact he questions the need for Earthing Products. He let me know he didn’t want to put me down. He said he only wanted to challenge me. He stressed the need for learning internal controls of your body through qigong and other forms of martial arts.

I agree with Dave, and I also think Earthing will only enhance any gains you can make through your cultivation of any discipline in your life.

What do you think? Hopefully the knowledge you find on this website will help you to discover the benefits of Earthing for yourself. Break into a new paradigm and experience Earthing now.

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