Do Earthing Sheets Make A Difference

Shop Earthing.comHave you been wondering if sleeping on earthing sheets really makes a difference?  You’ll have to try them to experience the changes in your health, but the video on this page will show you that grounding sheets do make a difference.

I’ve used a voltmeter to measure the volts on my body when I’m in contact with grounded earthing sheets and when I’m not.  You’ll see the change that takes place in the voltage when I touch the sheets.

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Earthing Sheets Voltmeter Test Video

Several of the benefits of Earthing have been written about on the pages of this website, so be sure to read up, if you want to learn more.

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Update: The audio of Earthing I had linked above is no longer available.  You can still get Earthing products at the link though.

There are some benefits to Earthing that are both profound and undeniable.  You can read about those by clicking Benefits Of Earthing Yourself.

Grounding sheets work by conducting the earth’s electrical frequency to you.  They plug into the grounding port of your grounded electrical outlet, or a grounding rod that’s been pushed into the soil outside.

There are silver threads woven into the Earthing Sheets, which make them conductive.  They snap onto the special grounding cord, which then connects to the grounding rod or the grounding port.

The surface of the earth has an infinite amount of free electrons which provide you with antioxidant like benefits when you are in contact with it.  Earthing Sheets make it possible for you to benefit from these free electrons all night while you sleep.

Are you ready to benefit your health, while you’re sleeping

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