Earthing Sheets ~ Reducing Inflammation The Easy Way

You may know what earthing sheets are; or maybe you’re just curious because you’ve heard sleeping on them reduces inflammation; Whatever brought you to this page, you’ll be glad you found this life changing knowledge.

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Shop Earthing.comBefore we get into the subject of inflammation and it’s process, let’s look at Earthing for a moment.  The earth’s surface has an electric field known as the Global Electrical Circuit.  It is believed, the global electrical circuit is primarily charged by thunderstorms, going on all over the earth at any given moment

The earth, being conductive, distributes this charge across the whole globe.  This is where the earth’s ability to reduce inflammation comes into play.  The subtle electrical field of the earth contains free electrons as a result of it’s charge from thunderstorms.

These electrons from the earth behave as antioxidants and antioxidants are directly involved in a healthy inflammatory response.  You’ll understand why after reading further.

Understanding Inflammation, Antioxidants And The Earthing Connection

There are 2 types of inflammation.  You only want to reduce (or eliminate) chronic inflammation.  Chronic Inflammation is the kind of inflammation Earthing can reduce naturally.

Acute inflammation is something our bodies depend on.  It’s a natural response to invaders of our body, or to injury.  When the body detects some foreign substance or trauma, it immediately responds by sending plasma, containing white blood cells, and other substances to the site of disturbance to perform a job.

The white blood cells vary in their functions; Some are responsible for destroying invaders or breaking down substances and others are responsible for engulfing them and removing them from our bodies.  In the case of an injury these white blood cells would clean up the debris caused by injury.

During the acute inflammation process substances known as free radicals are released.  These free radicals, also know as oxidizers, play a part in killing pathogens or infectious agents.

Our bodies also create antioxidant substances to stop the free radicals, once the radicals have accomplished their mission; If the free radicals were not neutralized they would go on to destroy healthy cells.

When the body is unable to neutralize the free radicals, because it lacks the antioxidant potential to do so, good inflammation goes bad, and becomes chronic.  The ongoing inflammatory response causes the body to release more free radicals, which creates a vicious cycle.

Chronic inflammation can also be onset by irritants and allergens you might be exposed to.  There are some foods that are considered inflammatory and others that are anti inflammatory.

Chronic inflammation is directly associated with many diseases.  Arthritis, Alzheimer’s and Cancer are just a few of the many disease that can manifest, if inflammation is not brought under control.

This is where the power of the earth can be called upon.  Although it sounds funny, you can verify it for yourself.  Earthing yourself allows your body to receive an unlimited supply of free electrons from the earth’s energy field.

You can access these free electrons by placing your bare feet on the earth.  If it’s not convenient to be barefoot outside, you can get these free electrons, indoors, by hooking up to a properly grounded earthing device.

Earthing Sheets, including Earthing Recovery Bags, are one of your best options of getting these free electrons. because you can benefit from using them all night long while you sleep.

Once you’re grounded these electrons go to work neutralizing free radicals; making earthing one of the easiest ways to reduce inflammation naturally.

Clint Ober, who discovered Earthing, has been earthing people, including himself, for more than 10 years.  The results are consistent.  Inflammation and pain are decreased or eliminated when a person is grounded.

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