Earthing Visualized

You may have heard about earthing and thought it sounded neat.  You probably thought it would be great if earthing does work; but how can you really tell without having a blood test while you are grounding yourself?

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Shop Earthing.comOn this page I’ve included some videos with Clint Ober, the discoverer of Earthing, as a health tool.  In the videos he uses some equipment to show that electrical frequencies are real, and can be detected, and even measured.  He then shows how being connected to a simple earthing universal mat (earthing mat) diffuses that electrical frequency in us.

He uses something called a scope (spectrum analyzer) to measure the electrical frequency of the room they are in.  He connects the scope to Dr. Mercola to demonstrate the frequency that Dr. Mercola is being hit with.

To demonstrate the power of Earthing He has Dr. Mercola touch the grounding mat (earthing mat) while he is connected to the scope.  As soon as he touches the earthing device his electrical frequency drops way down.  This is the power of earthing.

Clint Ober then explains how the electrons of the earth are being transferred from the earth to the person that is connected to the earth directly, or via an earthing product.  He tells how the electrons come up through you, and essentially push the electrical frequencies, your being zapped with, away.

It might be perfectly clear to you how Earthing works, but these videos will certainly give you the picture if you need to see it.

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