Benefits Of Earthing Yourself

In learning about Earthing and the Grounding products that make Earthing convenient and easy, you are connecting yourself to a practice so essential to your health, you’ll be happy you don’t have to live without it anymore.

What’s truly awesome, is Earthing is so needed, there may be a day when being grounded is as common as having a place to sleep.

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Shop Earthing.comIt wasn’t too long ago I was introduced to Earthing.  The first time I heard someone speak about the benefits of grounding I thought there must be something to it, as the person speaking, David Wolfe, was someone I respected in the natural health field.

Grounding for health still sounded a little incredible at first, but now I am convinced of it’s benefits and consider it one of the most important things a person can do for their health.

There is one thing about Earthing that is absolute.  When a person is grounded the state of their blood changes.  If you were to sample the average person’s blood, you’d see that most of their red blood cells stick together.  It might even be hard for you to describe what the shape of a blood cell is, when they are all clumped like that.

Once a person has been grounded (earthed) for 30 minutes or more their blood changes entirely.  You can clearly see the round red blood cells and they are not sticking together after Earthing.  This is a magnetic reaction that occurs when a person receives free electrons from the earth.  The cells become charged and now they bounce off of each other.  This electric potential is called Zeta Potential.

When your blood changes as a result of Earthing (grounding) a number of benefits ensue.  Your blood becomes thinner, which increases your circulation and allows your body to more effectively deliver nutrients.

People also experience subtle to very significant reductions of pain and inflammation while Earthing; These benefits keep coming as long as your grounded.  The good thing for most people who practice earthing over time, is these benefits seem to have a cumulative effect on health.  Symptoms of many ailments are often significantly reduced and sometimes they disappear altogether.

You can read the book Earthing or listen to a free audio of the book to grasp how profoundly Earthing can benefit you.

Update: The free audio of Earthing I had linked below is no longer available.

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We are talking about a health transformation from doing something as simple as connecting your barefoot to the earth as often as you can.  Fortunately, you can even be grounded, while sitting in front of a computer with an earthing mat; and sleeping on earthing sheets, thanks to the technology used in earthing products.  This allows you to reap the benefits of earthing for extended periods of time; It’s not always convenient to be barefoot outside.

When you practice earthing, “you restore your bodies natural electric state,” as quoted from the book Earthing.  You are diffusing static electricity from your body and receiving healing electrons from the earth; This is the natural state.  We have become a society that is insulated from the ground most, if not all, of the time.

The soles of our shoes are rubber and insulate us from the ground.  Our houses also disconnect us from the earth’s healing current.  I, for one, am thankful that Clint Ober, the founder of Earthing, pursued his curiosity about a thought he had one day.  A thought that caused him to wonder if being insulated from the ground might have any health consequences.  He’s why your reading about Earthing now.  You can get a lot more of your questions answered and order Earthing Products at the following link.

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