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Earthing Shoes are one of the many Earthing products that can help you to be grounded for more of your day.  David Wolfe’s Grounders, as many people know them by, were the first type of foot wear specifically marketed for the purpose of getting people grounded for health reasons.

Now, all of the links on this page go to the Grounders™, because many of the other earthing shoes are not around anymore.

As you may or may not know, it’s been getting more difficult to get Grounders, as they are no longer being manufactured.  There have been rumors the grounders might be manufactured again, but by a different company.  As of now, it’s not sure that’s going to happen, but thankfully the demand for grounding foot wear has inspired some other companies to come up with their own lines of Earthing Shoes.

This page covers Grounders™, and 2 other companies that make shoes worthy of being called Earthing shoes.  Scroll down this page, if you want to learn about or get the links to Pluggz Earthing Shoes or  Soft Star Shoes.

What Are Grounders™?

Grounders™ are really flip flops, and are considered the original Earthing shoes.  They are better than your average flip flops for a number of reasons.

The best things about Grounders is they have a CONDUCTIVE insert, which allows you to be grounded outside, even when you are not barefoot.  The material of these earthing shoes is rubber; A natural rubber found in rubber trees.  The conductive insert is made  from carbon loaded rubber; carbon being the conductive material.

The conductive insert touches the bottom of your foot at the same time as it touches the earth.  It contacts your foot at the K1 acupressure point, below your big toe, which is known to be one of the more conductive points on the body.

Earthing Shoes are also recyclable and last for a lot longer than regular flip flops.  The Strap is even made to form to your foot.  Although these Grounders are the original Earthing footwear, they’re almost completely gone. has them again.  The Longevity Warehouse no longer stocks them.  So…what are the new Earthing Shoes?

Pluggz Earthing Shoes

Listen Brands Inc. has come up with a new line of Earthing shoes called Pluggz.  Their flip flops are very similar to the Grounders reviewed above, but Pluggz have taken their line a little further and created GROUNDING shoes, in addition to the flip flops; at least for the ladies.

If you’re a guy, you now have the option of Pluggz flip flops or their Drivers; Both ground you to the earth.

There were only 2 styles of WOMEN’S Earthing shoes Pluggz offered, and they were known as the Gaia Ballet Flats and the Mary Jane.  Both styles LOOK pretty nice and they’re uppers are made from combinations of SUEDE and LEATHER.

Now Pluggz has several additional styles of Earthing Shoes for Women.

All of the Earthing shoes at Pluggz use almost exactly the same technology as the Grounders.  They’ve got CONDUCTIVE carbon/rubber plugs that make contact with your K1 acupressure point and the Earth below the shoe, to effectively ground you when you’re standing on a GROUNDING surface.

Soft Star Shoes As Earthing Shoes

So what are these other Earthing shoes, Earthing enthusiasts are excited about?  Soft Star Shoes is the name of the company, which makes a number of shoes that conduct the Earth’s energy.

They can do this because of their leather soles.  Leather is somewhat conductive and becomes more conductive the longer you wear it; Your feet perspire creating more conductivity, and minerals from your perspiration also make them more conductive.

Not all Soft Star Shoes work as Earthing shoes, so be sure to get the LEATHER soled ones if you are getting them to be grounded.

At least 3 styles of Soft Star Shoes WILL ground you and they are listed below.  Make sure you order these styles WITHOUT the Grippy soles, as these styles come with leather soles or Grippy soles.  The GRIPPY sole shoes from Soft Star Shoes do not have leather soles and are NOT conductive.

Earthing Capable Soft Star Shoe Styles

Suede Roo in Chocolate or Honey
Viley in Caramel or Navy
Dash RunAmoc with the Leather Sole in Chocolate

I hope you enjoyed learning about your new options for GROUNDING Foot Wear.

If you want to get the most out of Earthing, you may want to learn about Grounding sheets Here.

If you are not familiar with Earthing (Grounding), there is plenty of information on this website to help you learn about it; And I believe you’ll think it’s well worth your time.

Update: The audio of Earthing I had linked below is no longer available.

Click on Free Earthing Audio to listen to Clint Ober’s book now.

If you have experience with Earthing shoes or other Earthing products, you’d like to share, let us know through our contact page.  If it adds to the user experience of this website, positive or negative, we’ll post it here at Earthing Sheets.

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