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This Earthing Sheets FAQ page is being compiled to help you find answers to your questions about Earthing and Earthing Products quick.  If there is a question you have about Earthing that’s not answered on this page, please let us know so we can get you the answer, and add it here.

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Q. How do I wash my Earthing Sheets?

A. It’s very simple. Use a warm or cold water wash with a delicate or gentle spin cycle. Don’t use bleach, detergent with bleach, bleach alternatives or Oxi-Clean.

I also recommend using some kind of natural detergent from a natural foods store.  They tend to be more gentle on fabrics which gives you a lot longer fabric life.

For drying your Earthing Sheets ‪just use low to medium heat‬.

Q. What is the thread count of my Earthing Sheet?

A. The current style of Earthing Sheets have a thread count of 300.

Q. How big of a mattress will a fitted Earthing Sheet accommodate?

A. A fitted Earthing sheet will accommodate any mattress up to 15 inches deep.  You will need to make sure you have the right size fitted sheet for your bed (King, Queen, etc.).

Q. How does the earth’s electric field transfer to us almost instantly?

A. Because our bodies are full of water and minerals we are highly conductive.  Just like a copper wire conducts electricity from the electrical source, our bodies have the same capability.  When we touch the earth with our bare skin, we tap into the earth’s free electrons and they immediately change our physiology because of our conductivity.

Q. If I live outside the United States will I be able to plug an earthing device into the wall and be grounded with it? (Read the entire answer to this question to understand clearly.)

A. This is a very good question.  To begin this answer it’s necessary to understand this first; Earthing Products don’t use electricity to work.  When they are plugged into a wall they plug into the ground port (3rd hole) only.

Next, it’s important to know you can still use an earthing device, even if you don’t have the right type of outlet or your electrical outlet is not grounded.

All of the earthing sheets and the earthing recovery bag come with a ground rod attached to a cord which is 13 meters (40 feet) long. You’ll have to purchase one separately if your using an earthing mat or strap.

You insert the rod into the dirt outside below a window or by a door which is close to where you’ll be using your earthing device. Being careful not to sever the cord; Just run it under the door or window you’ve decided on.

Once you’ve got your ground rod cord run to where you want it, connect your earthing product’s cord to it.

You can get Earthing extension cords if you need them. 2 way splitters are also available. You can plug your splitter into the grounding port of the wall outlet (or outlet adapter), then connect your 2 earthing products to it. This way you won’t need to grounding rods or 2 outlets to plug into.

Connecting Your Earthing Product To The Ground Port Of Your Electrical Outlet

The ground port, if available and properly connected, is grounded to the earth.  This is what allows the earth’s frequency to be transmitted to you through the plugged in earthing device.
Being grounded this way has the same benefits as standing on the earth barefoot.  The earth’s electrons are transferred to you when you are grounded/earthed in this manner.

It’s necessary to be aware that not all electrical outlets with a ground port are actually grounded. You’ll have to have an electrician check yours; or buy an electrical outlet ground checker from your local electrical supply store. You can also obtain one at most hardware stores and it won’t cost much.

There are many types of electrical outlets world wide and some do not have a ground port at all. You can see what kind of electrical outlet is used in your country by visiting the following website.

If your country does have a ground port on outlets and you’ve checked it to see if it’s grounded, you can purchase a grounded outlet adapter designed to fit Type B Outlets, which is what Earthing Products plug into. Grounded Electrical Outlets in Mexico, The United States, parts of the Caribbean and Canada all use these Type B outlets, so you’ll want to purchase an adapter suited to Fit Type B (North American) electrical outlets.

A VP 11B Grounded Europe Adapter is used in many European Countries. You can get that through the SHOP link on this page.  The internet or an electrical supply shop may have the model you need for the grounded outlet particular to your country.

Here’s a quick overview of this answer. You can plug an earthing device into the grounding port of an electrical outlet, a grounding rod cord that has the grounding rod inserted into the earth; or an adapter that’s been plugged into your electrical outlet to make it compatible with the pin on the earthing cord.

Q. What makes earthing so important in our High Tech Society?

A. Earthing brings the body back to a level of functioning, that appears to be natural for us.  In our society we our almost constantly insulated from the ground.  We build up static electricity and are frequently being hit with electrical frequencies from appliances and other sources.  Getting reconnected to the earth diffuses that static electricity and brings us back to a state that’s more in tune to what creates health in our bodies.

Q. What is the actual amount of current being transferred from the earth via connected wire to a grounding product?

A. Simply put, there is no consistent measurable flow of current when a person is grounded.  What there is, is an instant equalization charge from the earth to the person in contact with an earthing sheet or other earthing device (earthing product).

As stated at earthing,com this transfer of electrons to the body of the person connected to an earthing device is in the trillions to quadrillions.  Once this transfer has occurred the body will only absorb the amount of electrons it needs to remain at the same electrical potential as the earth.

This will vary from one person to another depending on the individual’s metabolism, lifestyle and other biological and environmental factors.  For example, the more electrostatic build up on a person and how high above the earth they are located makes a huge difference in the amount of electron transfer from the earth to them.

The important thing about this transfer is there is a constant supply available to the person in contact with the earthing product, allowing them to receive electrons they may be lacking internally.  Theoretically this action reduces free radicals and inflammation, as long the person is grounded.

Q. Are there any differences between using magnets and Earthing technology?

A. Yes there are.  Earthing products provide free electrons to the body and allow it to synchronize with the earth’s natural balancing electricity.  Magnets, if applied correctly, are known to have some therapeutic effect, but do not provide you with free electrons or bring you to the earth’s electrical frequency as using earthing technology or connecting directly to the earth does.

Q. Can I use any type of shoes and still be connected to the earth’s electrical frequency.

A. No.  Most forms of foot ware have rubber/plastic or composite soles which are not conductive at all.  It is possible to be somewhat grounded wearing moccasins or thin leather soles. Although the leather itself is not conductive, perspiration from the feet in addition to mineral salts from the perspiration are said to make the leather partially conductive.  The  moccasins or leather soles would become more conductive if you were walking on moist ground or grass in them.

Q. Will ESD (electrostatic discharge) shoes ground me while I’m wearing them outside?

A. To some degree, this type of footwear will ground you.  What you get is referred to as a dissipative ground (soft ground), which is meant to reduce static electricity.  They are better than wearing regular shoes but not as effective as being barefoot.

When you touch the earth your body instantly equalizes with the earth’s electric potential.  You don’t get completely grounded with ESD footwear, but your body does dissipate some of the static build up, giving you some benefit.  This type of foot ware is mainly used to prevent damage to electronics caused by rapid discharge of static electricity to circuitry from a person it has built up in.

Q. Will I be grounded if I’m barefoot on my tile floor?

A. That depends on what the tile is made of and what it is laid on; in addition to whether or not you’re on an elevated floor or the ground floor.  If the tile sits on concrete you may be partially grounded.  If the tile is laid on a wood you wouldn’t be grounded.

According to if the tile is laid on ground or a concrete slab you might get some conductivity through your ceramic tile, but probably not if the surface of the tile has a glazed finish.

Q. The soil where I live has lots of parasites and other undesirables.  Knowing this makes it hard to imagine being barefoot outside.

A. Your best solution is an earthing sheet or earthing mat for indoor grounding.  Using an earthing sheet is optimal because it allows you to be grounded all night, allowing maximal benefit because of the duration of the grounding.  You still might consider taking advantage of being barefoot outside in the grass at the park, or where you’re not concerned about the risks as much.

Q. Will Grounding myself speed recovery from workouts?

A. Click Here to read a post that reveals what was discovered about Earthing and recovery from exercise.

Q. Will Earthing protect me from frequencies of cell towers or phones?

A. Up to this point there haven’t been any tests to determine whether or not earthing can protect you from radio, microwave or cell phone frequencies.

Earthing does help protect you from common EMFs (electrical magnetic frequencies) indoors.  The 60 hertz frequency emitted by the internal wiring of the home and plugged in appliances, whether on or off is something many people seem to be sensitive to, so it’s a very good idea to spend as much of your time indoors grounded as possible.

Q. If I sleep outside on the ground outside without an earthing device, will I receive the benefits of earthing?

A. As long as some part of your bare skin is directly exposed to the earth, yes.  For example if your hand or foot is sticking out of your blanket, sleeping bag, etc. and touching the ground, you’ll be grounding yourself and getting the benefits.

Q. How are the electric field from your home power source and the earth’s field different?

A.The electric field from the home power source is an AC (alternating current) and the field from the earth is a mostly consistent DC (direct current).  Our bodies are used to the subtle field of the earth, as life on our planet has constantly been attuned to it.

The AC created by the power sources for our homes runs at 60 cycles per second.  AC over 10 cycles per second is something foreign to (nature) (our biology) (our bodies).  Studies have revealed that many people are sensitive to AC and other man made EMFs.

Further research is needed to establish the direct cause and effect relationship on human health, but an association with more health problems and EMFs from work situations or living under power lines has been revealed by studies.

Please let us know with our contact page if you have any questions you’d like to add to Earthing Sheets FAQ.

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Update: The audio about Earthing I had linked to below is no longer available.

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Q. How Long Will Earthing Sheets Last?

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Q. Does Earthing Expose Us To Dirty Electricity?

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