Earthing Mats for Improved Health

Earthing Mats (Earthing Universal Mats) have a broad functionality but are generally used under your bare feet while sitting in front of a computer.  Of course you can also stand barefoot on your mat; and you might want to slip it into the conductive cover it comes with and cuddle up with it on the couch, bed or other comfortable spot.

An Earthing mat is made from carbon and rubber and measures 10 x 26 inches.  The carbon matrix in the mat is what makes the material conductive

You can get an Earthing Mat through THIS LINK!

The best thing about Earthing mats is, whenever your bare skin is touching a properly grounded one, it will ground your body, which contributes to your health in a number of ways.

You can DISCHARGE inflammation and REDUCE pain and stress whenever and wherever you can connect with one.  When you’re outdoors, get barefoot in the dirt or grass.  When you are indoors, use an Earthing mat or another Earthing product to conveniently, and dramatically, INCREASE your vitality.

Update: The free audio about Earthing I had linked to below is no longer available.

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