Do Earthing Body Bands Work?

It was only a year ago I found myself at a health conference called the Longevity Now Conference.  I had heard about Earthing Body Bands and other Earthing Products, but I didn’t get exactly how beneficial they were.

I had previously watched videos from the Longevity Conference in April earlier that year, and believed the whole idea of being barefoot on the earth had merit.  It was when I went to the conference, I experienced the technology for long periods of time, and became a true believer.

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Everyone at the conference was given an earthing body band as part of the package.  A cord with silver wires in it connects the band to a ground through an electrical socket; That’s the third prong for anyone wondering.  It’s safe because it’s only connected to the ground, not the electrical current.

After wearing the band for awhile I felt a change in my skin.  The change could be described as having more feeling, or literally feeling grounded.  My body actually felt more solid.  I also felt a mental change.

The mental change, for me, made me feel less irritable and less static.  If you’ve ever been really dry or irritable from caffeine, you may be able to relate to the feeling I’m referring to.  Being grounded made that feeling go away.  It was replaced with a feeling of relaxation accompanied by deeper breathing.

I wanted to touch my fingers together, because it felt good.  When you’re used to being insulated from the ground, the way you feel seems normal.  Once you’re grounded again, you’ll want to spend a lot more time that way, because of how healing it is.  It’s really something I could feel.

An earthing body band has a plate of metal that’s comfortable against your skin, inside the band.  The plate on the band is most conductive on the bottom of your foot, just under your big toe.  I found it to be pretty effective wearing it on my wrist as well.

The body band package comes with three different sizes of bands.  One for your foot, another for your waist/torso and a knee/thigh band as well.  It also includes 50 patches that are good for targeting specific areas of your body.

I was so happy with my earthing body band, I even wore it on my foot at night while I slept, until I got an earthing fitted sheet. I am particular about recommending things.  One thing I feel confident in recommending is that you get yourself grounded with one of the earthing products.

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