Earthing Recovery Bags

One of the very best Earthing Products is an Earthing Recovery Bag.  It is a favorite earthing product of many athletes.  It has probably gained it’s popularity, in part, because it was designed for cyclists competing in the Tour de France.

The Earthing Recovery Bag is designed similar to a sleeping bag.  You can zip it up and use it for one person; Using the Recovery Bag this way allows for more skin contact than any other Earthing product.  If you desire you can open the bag up and 2 people can sleep side by side on top of it.  The Recovery Bag is 84 inches long and 80 inches wide when it’s open, making it real comfortable for 2 people to lie on.

The Earthing Recovery Bag Is No Longer Available, but You can See The Earthing Sleep System and Other Earthing Devices at THIS LINK!

The Earthing recovery bag is made from cotton and polyester, and like other Earthing products, it contains conductive silver fibers; silver is one of the most conductive materials available, making it ideal for Earthing products.

The silver in the recovery bag is very comfortable; You won’t feel the metal against your body.  What you will notice are the benefits you get from sleeping with an Earthing device like this.

One significant example of the benefits a person can get from sleeping on, or in, an Earthing sheet comes from the story of a Tour de France cyclist, written about in the book Earthing.  The cyclist crashed through the window of one of the support vehicles that stopped quickly.  Severe lacerations on his right arm, in addition to other injuries, made it seem unlikely he would be able to finish the tour.

Clint’s story tells of how he could see the bones and tendons of the cyclist through the damaged flesh.  The rider slept grounded that night, as he had been doing, and grounded electrodes were placed near his wounds.

He was able to continue racing the next day and felt a lot better than expected.  He ultimately contributed to the teams victory by finishing the tour with the other cyclists.

Accelerated wound healing is just one example of the many benefits a person can receive by grounding themselves with an Earthing Recovery Bag or any other Earthing product.

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