Earthing Premium Starter Kit Value

An Earthing Premium Starter Kit (Earthing Starter Kit) is a great way to get started Earthing.  When you buy the package you save money compared to getting all the earthing products sold separately.

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Are you familiar with Earthing?  If you don’t know exactly what Earthing is you can listen to a free audio of the Earthing book by Clicking Here On Earthing Audio! (You’ll see how to listen at the top of the page you’re directed to.)

Being Earthed (Grounded) is an exceptional way to feel better and benefit your health profoundly.  Seriously.

Shop Earthing.comAbout The Earthing Premium Starter Kit Products:

Earthing Universal Mat & Cover The Earthing Mat is a 10 by 20 inch matt that can be placed under your barefoot at your computer or wherever you are sitting and want to be grounded.  Some people use them on their desk to contact their wrists and forearms.

You can also slide the conductive cover over earthing mat and use it to sit on or sleep on. Make sure a part of your bare skin is in touch with it to receive the benefits of being grounded.

Earthing Universal Bed Pad The Earthing Bed Pad is made from cotton and resembles a large half sheet.  It has fine silver fibers threaded into the sheet that are very comfortable; You won’t feel like your sleeping on metal.

To use the earthing bed pad, stretch it across your bed, over your fitted sheet, and tuck the edges under your mattress.  Using it this way is good if you have more than one person sleeping in the bed.

If you are sleeping alone, you may want to spread it lengthwise on your bed.  Just make sure part of your bare skin is in touch with the bed pad to get the benefits of Earthing.

The Earthing Premium Starter Kit makes it easy to be grounded indoors for extended periods of time.  The more your grounded the bigger the benefits.

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